Sybyr Services:

Sybyr Systems delivers data-driven insights and data counseling services, information management architectures, and cost-effective workflow automation solutions to government and private organizations with optimizations for the CX cloud, private datacenters, and internal LANs/WANs.

Data counseling: big data management and visualization using a proprietary methodology for determining what can be learned form your data repository and how to present it, through statistics and aggregations or through one or more visualizations.

Full life cycle database development: installation and programming services for Oracle 11g and 12c, MS SQL Server, MySQL and NoSQL (Accumulo, Amazon DynamoDB and CouchDB).

Design and delivery of enterprise architectures for small and very large (petabyte+) data processing requirements (COTS, open source, and hybrid).

- Turn-key on-line analytic and transaction processing (OLAP/OLTP) systems;
- Scalable entity extraction and fusion warehouses; and
- Multi-modal biometric systems design and integration.

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