Sybyr Solutions:

Sybyr Systems' Principle, James Swecker, has provided the following turn-key enterprise solutions in the business automation practice:

Developed custom ETL and EL-T pipelines to support data migrations and advanced cloud-based analytic modelling and business intelligence.

Engineered and deployed a workflow management system for chemical abstracts and global environmental regulation monitoring.

Engineered and deployed a regional political campaign management system for an AFL-CIO affiliate.

Engineered and deployed a global biometric capture and authentication service for the US State Department.

Re-engineered a complex paper-based workflow for a federal agency using IBM System Architect and Northrop-Grumman's ePower workflow framework.

Assimilated diverse ETL scripting tools and resources, and consolidated diverse databases into a distributed common process array feeding a consolidated database for improved data analytics.

Designed and deployed a variety of turn-key SharePoint 2010/2013 collaborative portals.

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Last update: February 23, 2018. Rev. 1